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InterSystems IRIS: Resilience by Design

Scott Gnau, Head of Data Platforms at InterSystems, provides a comprehensive overview of the design basics InterSystems considers crucial to building more resilient, agile organizations. According to Scott Gnau, in order to achieve this goal, organizations need to plan for frequent, rapid shifts in business activities, offer customers and employees self-service options, and be ready to manage any unplanned spikes in data volume or data types, no matter when they occur. Along with conducting the requisite IT procedures involved in emergency planning, Gnau recommends examining a range of different business scenarios in order to identify weak points or broken connections that could present problems in future crisis situations. In addition, Scott Gnau believes that organizations can leverage artificial intelligence to help them adapt more quickly in the case of emergencies or disruptions. By implementing the necessary tools and evaluation processes now, companies will be able to “train” these technologies to adapt to new situations automatically.

InterSystems supported these critical components of long-term business success by investing in the following five areas:

  • Effective immediately, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence or machine learning will be integrated into a wide range of applications. This also includes the provisioning of AI models designed for direct use by clients.
  • Speed, scalability, and security – InterSystems products are proven to achieve significantly faster response times for current benchmarks than competing solutions. Given the continuing growth in both data volumes and the numbers of connected systems, devices, and sensors, this superior performance provides a decisive advantage.
  • Managed services for the cloud and the IRIS FHIR Accelerator Service to help developers speed up the development, testing, and release of their solutions.
  • The excellent interoperability functions offered by InterSystems data technologies have gotten even better – particularly with regard to the Internet of Things – thanks to the InterSystems API Manager, Kafka support, and the OPC UA adapter.

For developers, InterSystems is investing in the VS Code IDE and expanding support for developers’ preferred languages as well as those best suited to the development of local solutions.




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