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Healthy Data, Trust, and Partnership Form the Foundation for Agility and Resilience

Trusted partnerships help to significantly improve a company’s ability to respond to changes. John Paladino, Head of Client Services at InterSystems, knows that for a fact. InterSystems has been actively implementing these ideas about partnerships for many years now. In fact, InterSystems is deeply committed to helping its partners improve their agility. Three factors are crucial to achieving this goal:

  • Cooperation based on a rapid, targeted approach to changes and troubleshooting.
  • Availability of flexible technologies which can be used for fast development of new products and services.
  • Healthy data which is clean and available and which helps drive decision-making.

Paladino mentioned numerous examples of major crises which put InterSystems’ response capabilities to the ultimate test, including the attack on the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, and the earthquake in Chile. In each of these situations, InterSystems was immediately ready and able to respond and provide support to clients, victims, and affected populations. With respect to COVID-19, Paladino noted that this unique case requires partnerships in which parties are willing to confront challenges with passion and focus and pursue a working relationship based on equality and respect. These types of partnerships build trust, and trust is the key to ensuring a rapid response. Paladino sums it up by saying, “Whatever the next crisis brings to the table, we are ready for it, and we’ll be right there by your side.”




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